How to buy

How to buy a car in the USA.

1. Select a vehicle using the search menu, you can independently select the option you are interested in. You can write to us and we will help you choose the appropriate option

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2. Fill out the order form when you are ready to buy a lot, fill out the form. We will then contact you to discuss the details of your order. Sign the contract. When you are ready to order the equipment, fill out the order form on the website, and we will contact you to provide you with qualified assistance. After making a decision, I will send you our contract.


Making a deposit (deposit).

To participate in the auction, you must pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price or 1000 USD, whichever is greater. This amount is necessary to ensure that payment is not refused when the vehicle is purchased. Because if you refuse to pay, the auction will penalize us. To pay the deposit, we will issue you an invoice (bill) and a signed contract. Therefore, you must include all your details in the contract. The amount of the deposit will be credited upon payment of the lot. The won vehicle is registered with the payer. If for any reason you wish to re-register the vehicle to another person, you must notify us in writing.



After making a purchase, I will provide you with a screenshot of the pages with a fixed purchase amount with fees and a video recording recorded at the auction. If your maximum bet is exceeded, you can use your deposit to buy another lot.


Payment for the car.

The condition of the auction is that the money in the auction account must be on the third banking day, including the day of purchase (otherwise the fine is 50 USD). Therefore, if you pay through our company, we must have money in your account on the second day, including the date of purchase, in order for us to have time to pay for the auction. After receiving the money for the auction, we need three days to pick up the car from the auction (except for the day when the money was received in the auction account). After this period, there are downtime at our expense. So far, downtime – at your expense (40 USD per day). Downtime will be collected one week after the date of purchase of the car. So if you pay for the car immediately, you don’t have to pay any fines. If the car is not paid for within a week, it will be removed from the account and a fine will be issued, and your deposit will be paid to pay the fine.


Car shipping and delivery.

After payment of the batch. The car will be taken out of the loading area, as soon as the vehicle reaches our loading area, we will send you additional photos. The vehicle is then loaded into a container and, after passing through customs, sent to its owner, that is, to you. Shipping and vehicle costs may be charged separately.



We form all containers for the convenience of our customers. We offer you various delivery options. Read more before you buy.


Transmission of information.


After loading the car into the container, we will inform you of this number and the name of the shipping line – this will allow you to independently monitor the process of delivery of the cargo to the destination. 3-4 days before arrival we will inform you about this good news. • Our carriers: Maersk, MSC, APL, OOCL, Evergreen. • Consolidation is ongoing in all ports. If necessary, you can count on our help in arranging repairs, if necessary, purchasing spare parts and accessories.

How much does shipping cost? What does the price of the car include?
Each client is offered a consultation and then a quote.
We know you have a choice, thank you for choosing us!

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